Community Outreach

Women that have been abused and their children need a range of support and services to meet their needs.

Kiran’s outreach process supports abused Asian women who are fleeing domestic violence. Kiran Support Services ensures that it tailors its support to each individual as everybody’s situation is unique to them. The community outreach worker works with women within the refuge, within the community and in safe discreet places to ensure their safety is paramount.

The outreach services include confidential support ranging from emotional support, practical support, resettlement, advice on welfare benefits, legal help, safety planning, applying to courses and training, helping women to get into work paid or unpaid, support around housing and making referrals to relevant agencies.

Kiran’s outreach service help women to be empowered into making their own decisions, by giving them options and ensuring they feel respected and safe to make choices about their own lives.