Refuge Services

‘Kiran’ is able to provide a safe haven to 7 families at any one time. We have a dedicated team of staff providing support to the women and children who seek sanctuary with us.

Women have their own room but share the kitchen, laundry room and lounge. For the children there is a well equipped garden with swings and climbing frame and a fully equipped playroom.

During their stay with us, refuge support staffs help the women to identify and prioritise their needs by putting a support plan in place for them. The support worker helps the woman to claim welfare benefits to support herself and her children and to take legal advice on her situation and to obtain orders if necessary. The support plan is reviewed regularly by the woman and her support worker, and may be amended to take account of her changing needs. Women can stay with us for a 1 day to 6 months and in some cases longer depending on their needs.

The children’s support staffs work closely with the children. Statistics tell us that where there is domestic violence in a household more than half of those children will have been abused either physically or emotionally. The support workers carryout risk assessments and work closely with the mother and children to identify their needs through a support plan. They provide 1 to 1 support to the children where necessary. We prioritise schooling for the children to help them to settle into their new life at the refuge.

We are an Independent Refuge.

When a family is ready to move on to new accommodation we will provide resettlement support to enable the family to settle into their new home and surroundings, and will later refer the family to our outreach service.