It has been 26 years since Kiran Support Services first opened its doors to Asian women and children fleeing domestic violence and abuse: two decades of progress and success from which the organisation has gone from strength to strength, delivering a wide range of unique and holistic services to women and children in the Asian community.

In the past we have provided parenting programmes, training courses and counselling sessions for the women in the refuge. We have also in the past worked closely with schools, colleges, universities, children’s centres and statutory agencies.

We provide a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse community. We have initiated many strands of work to ensure that effective support is delivered to our users.

We provide Resettlement and Outreach Services and Children Services.

We also provide help for women and children with special needs and complex needs by helping the mothers to understand and being able to support their child in this difficult time and also to the child who may be finding it hard to settle and understand what is happening.